Mi gestación

The pregnancy has been quite normal. During these nine months my parents were able to see me in five (5) ultrasounds, almost once every two months , as this is how they perform the controls here in Spain ; in none of them did they see some abnormality ,and they were always told that everything was fine . My mom reached the week ( 40 ) forty of her pregnancy with no special signs except that I was not yet ready to come out and meet the world . After that week , they had to visit the doctor every two days controlling the birthing process and it was not until the week ( 41 ) forty-one, when the doctors decided to intern my mom in order to induce her the labor. On Sunday afternoon of May 13 of 2012 we have arrived to the ” Hospital Can Ruti ” located in the city of Badalona, ​​outside of Barcelona, to get ready for the labor that from the very beginning was planned to be in a natural way. During many hours in that afternoon they were monitoring both my mom´s and mine heartbeats ,without letting her move out from the bed ot even for a minute. Late at night, and almost the dawn of the next day they decided to put to my mom the pitocin in order to induce her the contractions needed and that´s how that night passed, without anything strange. We spent the night feeling very tired the three of us, practically without sleep and really uncomfortable , having the doctors coming almost every single hour touching my mom to see if there is any sign of dilatation but there wasn´t any. In the morning of Monday of May 14 , they decided to put her additionally some serum to help a little bit the process of contractions , and it was not until that moment that they have left my mom to get up, move a little bit , do her exercises and walk as her body was practically sleeping after lying down for a whole day, but there was no change, she had contractions but there was no dilatation and I was still very high for them to reach and break the amniotic bag manually. For that reason at 7:00 in the evening the doctors decided to perform my mom a caesarean operation without any consultation or notice , without even leaving my dad to come and accompany my mother according to the city laws.

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